99-07 silverado/tahoe/surburban yukon jump seat


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99-07 silverado/tahoe/surburban yukon jump seat

clark chevrolet parts For many truck and SUV owners, a jump seat is an invaluable accessory. Not only does it offer additional seating for passengers, but it also adds extra storage and offers a comfortable place to spend time even when the vehicle is off-road. However, finding the right jump seat for your 99-07 Silverado/ Tahoe/ Suburban Yukon can be daunting. With so many available options, it’s hard to know which one to choose. In this blog post, we will explore the features of various jump seats for the 99-07 Silverado/ Tahoe/ Suburban Yukon, so you can make an informed decision about what type of jump seat best fits your needs.

What is a jump seat clark chevrolet parts?

A jump seat is an extra seat that can be installed in a car, truck, or SUV. This type of seat is typically used for carrying extra passengers or for providing additional seating when needed. Many times, a jump seat will be placed behind the driver or front passenger seats. In some cases, a jump seat may also be installed in the middle of the second row of seats.

Why would you want a jump seat in your vehicle clark chevrolet parts?

If you frequently have passengers in your vehicle, then you may want to consider installing a jump seat. Jump seats are extra seats that are installed in the back of a vehicle, typically behind the driver’s seat. They can be folded up when not in use, making them ideal for vehicles that don’t have a lot of extra space.

There are several benefits to having a jump seat in your vehicle. First, it gives you the flexibility to accommodate more passengers when needed. Second, jump seats can provide an extra level of safety for rear passengers, as they can be placed further away from the front airbags. Finally, jump seats can also be used as makeshift toddler seats or booster seats, which can be handy if you have young children who need to ride in the car occasionally.

What are the benefits of having a jump seat?

When it comes to choosing a truck, one of the main considerations is how many people it can seat. If you often haul large groups or need to have extra seating for work purposes, then a model with a jump seat may be the best option. Here are some of the benefits of having a jump seat in your truck:

1. Extra Seating – Obviously, the biggest benefit of having a jump seat is that it provides extra seating for when you need it. Whether you’re hauling a large group or just need an extra person for work purposes, a jump seat can come in handy.

2. Safety – Another benefit of having a jump seat is that it can provide an extra measure of safety. If you’re carrying cargo that could shift during transit, having someone in the jump seat can help to keep things in place and prevent accidents.

3. Storage – In addition to providing extra seating, many jump seats also offer storage options. This means that you can have a place to store tools, equipment, or other items that you need to keep close at hand while on the job.

How to install a jump seat in your vehicle

Assuming you have all the parts and pieces needed for the installation, here are the steps on How to install a jump seat in your vehicle:
1. Open up the back row of your vehicle’s seating area and locate the two bolts on either side of the seat.
2. Using a socket wrench, remove the bolts and set them aside.
3. Carefully remove the seat back and set it aside as well.
4. Take the jump seat and place it into the now open space, lining up the holes with those on either side of the opening.
5. Put the bolts back in and hand-tighten them as much as possible.
6. Using your socket wrench, tighten each bolt until it is snug against the seat frame.
7. Replace the seat back and make sure it is secured in place by pushing down on it until you hear it click into place.
8. Test out your new jump seat by sitting in it yourself to make sure it is secure and stable before letting anyone else use it.


All in all, a 99-07 silverado/tahoe/surburban yukon jump seat is an ideal choice if you’re looking for extra seating space. Not only do they have the same fit and finish as the original factory seats in your car, but they also can easily be removed when not needed. Plus, with its adjustable headrests and reclining feature, it’s sure to provide plenty of comfort during any ride. With these benefits in mind, consider adding a 99-07 Silverado/Tahoe/Surburban Yukon jump seat to your vehicle today!


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