1991 chevy 1500 dashboard

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88-94 OBS Chevy Dashboard

Color: Blue

Conition: Fairly used (good)



1991 chevy 1500 dashboard-1991 chevy 1500 dashboard

The 1991 Chevy 1500 was equipped with a digital dashboard that provided a wealth of information to the driver. This included a speedometer, tachometer, fuel level gauge, and more. Thedashboard also had a feature that would light up when the driver activated the turn signal, which was a neat safety feature.

How to remove the chevy 1991 dashboard

To remove the 1991 chevy 1500 dashboard, first disconnect the negative battery cable. Then, using a screwdriver, remove the screws that hold the Instrument Panel in place. Next, disconnect the wiring harnesses from the back of the panel and remove the panel.

How to install the 1991 chevy dashboard

Assuming you have the Chevy 1500 dashboard in front of you, installation is relatively straightforward. There are four bolts that hold the dashboard in place, two on each side. Unscrew these bolts and set them aside. You may need a screwdriver or socket wrench to loosen them.

With the bolts removed, gently pull the dashboard away from the rest of the console. It may be helpful to have someone else hold onto it while you work. Once it’s loose, disconnect any wiring harnesses or cables that are still attached to it.

Now that the old dashboard is out of the way, it’s time to install the new one. Line up the new dashboard with the opening in the console and gently push it into place. Screw in the four bolts hand-tight for now. Reconnect any wiring harnesses or cables that were disconnected earlier.

Test everything out to make sure everything is working properly before fully tightening down the bolts. Once everything checks out, tighten down those bolts and enjoy your new dashboard!

How to troubleshoot the 1991 chevy 1500 dashboard

If you’re having trouble with your 1991 Chevy  dashboard, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check all the fuses and Circuit breakers to make sure they’re not blown. Next, check all the connections to make sure they’re tight and secure. Finally, check for any loose wiring that could be causing the problem. If you still can’t find the cause of the problem, take your Chevy 1500 to a qualified mechanic or dealership for further diagnosis.


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    Got the door panels thanks bro

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    Thanks for the dashboard. Looks great in my truck

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    thanks i got my parts i ill soon order more from you

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